UpTake PRO®

Triple Action
Wetting-Agent – Penetrant – Spreader Sticker

 When added to tank mixes or irrigation systems, the Triple Action Chemistry provides growers a unique water conservation and management tool. 

Wetting Agent

UpTake PRO enhanced water results in lower volumes needed for adequate watering, greater soil absorption, less run-off, and improved delivery of nutrients and other additives from foliage to roots. More efficient watering leads to a healthier crop.

  • Improve coverage throughout hydrophobic soils and on foliage.
  • Reduce the amount of water needed to adequately hydrate the crop.
  • Amending irrigation water with UpTake PRO eliminates puddling at the crown and channeling in the root zone, thus reducing an excessively wet environment.


Applied through spray, sub or overhead irrigation systems, UpTake PRO can be safely used on crops like tomatoes, hemp, berries, flowers, shrubs and trees. Tank mixing or chemigation with a compatible pesticide can improves the delivery and performance of the partner pesticide.

  • Increases the permeability of biological membranes of plant pest such as insects, mites, and diseases. which facilitates penetration, thus increasing the performance of partner pesticides.
  • Helps water move quickly and evenly into soils, reducing an excessively wet environment for algae and diseases to flourish.
  • Improves foliage coverages and soil penetration resulting in less water needed to drench pesticide.

UpTake PRO Spreader Sticker

In solution with compatible chemistries, UpTake PRO helps hold chemicals onto the soil and/or leaf surface even during irrigation watering or rainfall.

  • Reduces surface tension between foliage and water, reducing water droplet size, so more coverage with less water.
  • Allows partner product to remain on leaf longer resulting in better disease control.

See what UpTake PRO® can do for you.

Drip Tube Irrigation

Add UpTake PRO to drip irrigation water to reduce puddling and channeling at the plant’s crown.

NFT Hydroponic System

Increase availability of water soluable fertilizer by intermittently injecting UpTake PRO into recirculated water.

Spray Irrigation

Reduce amount of water needed to adequately wet plants by injecting UpTake PRO continuously into irrigation water.

Hydroponic on rock wool substrate

Continuously inject UpTake PRO into drip irrigation to evenly wet hydroponic growing media.

How to achieve best results with UpTake PRO®

  1. Use direct or indirect injection device to add to overhead (mist, drip or spray) or sub-irrigation system.
  2. For manual spray/drench, using gentle agitation, add as a tank mix with compatible pesticide partner.

UpTake PRO®

Wetting Agent – Penetrant – Spreader Sticker

Available Sizes:

  • 2.5 Gallons
  • 30 Gallons
  • 55 Gallons
  • 275 Gallons