Water Enhancement & Treatment

WET Program Reduces Disease Pressure & Improves Watering

The Water Enhancement & Treatment (WET) program enables water to work at its maximum potential. The program treats water-borne pathogens and algae, and enhances the wettability of water, producing in a healthier crop.

All Wetting Agents Aren’t Created Equal

A grower started using a new soilless media and the wetting agent that was already incorporated into the new mix did not seem to keep water from puddling around the emitters and dry spots were noted in the pots.

Add a Water Enhancer

The distributor representative suggested adding the Pace Wetting Agent to the irrigation water. He had other growers that noticed a big difference in the reduction of water channeling and also found they could reduce their irrigation time when they started using the product.

Make Water Wetter and Crops Healthier

After injecting the Pace Wetting Agent into the irrigation system, the grower no longer noticed water puddling around emitters and upon experimenting, was able to reduce volume of water needed to completely wet the plants by 20%. He was amazed the simple addition of this wetting agent helped improve crop health and reduced both water and pesticide use that season.


Give Water a WET Boost To Improve Plant Health

The Water Enhancement and Treatment (WET) Program concentrates on making the water used in the greenhouse, nursery, and specialty agriculture industries more effective in keeping plants hydrated and healthy. The Pace WET Program can treat water to kill water-borne pathogens and algae* and enhance water to improve penetration to deliver the ideal amount of moisture and nutrients down to the root system.

Enhance Water To Increase Penetration

The Pace Wetting Agent is a biodegradable soil adjuvant and wetting agent that increases water penetration through the soil to boost the performance of pesticides, insecticides, miticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. Pace WET boosted water improves delivery of nutrients, pesticides and hydration to greenhouse and field crops such as flowers, ornamentals, shrubs, hemp, vegetables, and fruit and nut orchards.

The high surface tension of water makes it difficult to penetrate hydrophobic soils without using excessive water pressure or an increased amount of irrigation water. The Pace WET program provides crops a safe and effective wetting agent that quickly breaks that surface tension enabling more effective penetration and even distribution of water in soils and on foliage. Utilizing this program regularly results in less water being used to irrigate efficiently and decreases excessively wet environments where diseases tend to thrive.

Treat Water to Control Pathogens

To mitigate water-borne diseases and algae from contaminating crops, use KleenGrow in irrigation water and tank mixes. Treating water with KleenGrow kills microbes such as Pythium and Phytophthora which can devastate an otherwise healthy crop. 

KleenGrow is a very effective multi-use product for control of foliar, soil and waterborne diseases and algae*. Continuous injection of KleenGrow into irrigation systems will reduce in-line restriction, emitter clogging and cross-contamination from contaminated splashing water and soils.

Growers who have implement the WET program have noticed many additional benefits such as improved plant quality & health, increased pesticide control, and a decrease in pesticide/water cost.

*KleenGrow is not registered as an algaecide in California

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