Energy Efficiency

Achieve Consistent Temperatures More Efficiently

The Energy Efficiency Program features our newest product EndoGreen an energy-saving additive that maximizes hydronic heating system efficiency. This enables systems to hit temperature set points quickly and with more consistency, reducing fuel consumption year-round.


Inconsistent Heat Affects Crops

A greenhouse manager found that maintaining optimal greenhouse temperature set points during cold winter months was a big problem. To reach the optimum night set point they had to started increasing the heating temperature mid-afternoon. This resulted in having to increase watering during the late afternoon to keep the crops from wilting due to the afternoon heat being too high. Energy bills were going up and crop health was declining. It was concluded that the natural gas-powered hydronic boiler was the culprit.

Simple Solution, Multiple Benefits

The local distributor representative suggested calling a Pace representative to learn about their new energy saving additive, EndoGreen. After reviewing several energy efficiency program case studies, management was convinced adding EndoGreen to the boiler water was the best solution to more efficiently reach temperature set points, which would improve crop health. Energy cost savings showcased in the case studies made it an even more attractive solution. EndoGreen was easily added, with no system down time, putting no stress on the current crop from temperature fluctuation from a shutdown.

Worthwhile Investment

Managers and the greenhouse staff noticed that after adding EndoGreen heating set points were reached faster despite outside temperatures. Increased heat exchange in the boiler system immediately provided more consistent heat distribution, which caused the boiler to cycle less frequently. Fuel consumption decreased and reduced their annual energy bills. Additionally, crop health improved with the more consistent temperatures.

Hit Tempurature Setpoints, Lower Energy Costs

Greenhouses and indoor growing facilities need consistent temperatures to provide the optimum growing environment year-round especially under extreme winter weather. Maintaining these environmental conditions is one of the most difficult factors a grower must manage. 

Hydronic boilers, which use water as the heat transfer fluid, are an effective way to provide heat for sub and above ground heating systems. While water contains some good heat transfer qualities, its high surface tension limits the heat transfer contact area within coils and pipes. At times, heat dissipates quickly, requiring more fuel and increased output from boilers to consistently meet the temperature requirements.  

Hydronic boiler systems use several energy sources to operate such as natural gas or propane. The energy cost to run a boiler is the second highest overhead cost in a growing operation second to labor costs, therefore maximizing the efficiency of hydronic heating system is key to controlling operational costs.  

EndoGreen provides an energy savings of up to 15% by reducing natural gas consumption and lowering energy bills. Customers realize savings immediately upon installation, with a full return on investment in 2 years or less.

Benefits of EndoGreen

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