Cleaning & Disinfecting

Lasting Microbial Protection

The Cleaning & Disinfecting Program integrates specialty formulated cleaners and disinfectant which provides effective solutions for agriculture and horticulture. This program can be implemented for use in warehouses, shops, pack houses or indoor growing facilities as well as greenhouses and nurseries. The program provides proven results to help your operation remain clean, safe and productive.

Start Clean, Stay Clean

The Cleaning & Disinfecting Program is designed as an effective solution for microbial control and protection across you entire growing operation. The Pace ACBD System® defines the best sanitation practice by Always Cleaning Before Disinfecting (ACBD).

Starting with a cleaned and disinfected growing environment protects crops and workers. Our disinfectant and industry specific cleaning products provide deep cleaning for optimum plant and human pathogen control on surfaces.

Implement the Pace Gold Standard of Cleaning & Disinfecting in 3 simple steps:

Cleaning & Disinfecting Products


Strip-It Pro is a powerful acid cleaner that maximizes cleaning by dissolving mineral build-up and biofilm for easy removal with a power rinse. Highly effective for cleaning all areas in a greenhouse including cool-pads, floors (gravel, concrete or groundcover cloth), walls and benches. Strip-It Pro is safe and powerful enough to dissolve fertilizer and organic buildup in irrigation lines thus mitigating clogged emitters and lines. Not recommended for use in indoor facilities.

Horti-Klor is an alkaline cleaner designed for deep cleaning of soils and organic debris found in indoor growing areas and packing houses. Specifically formulated and approved for use in food packing and processing and livestock facilities.

Master MHW is the only low foaming detergent labeled for agricultural use in automatic washers to help soften and remove challenging biofilm that can harbor plant diseases.

Clean-Up is an alkaline cleaner formulated to remove oil, grease, and heat-set dirt. A highly effective detergent that dissolves tough oily debris found in such areas as where hemp is processed to cleaning greasy spills in warehouses and shops.


KleenGrow is our EPA registered, biodegradable, DDAC quaternary ammonium, designed to control of plant and human pathogens including algae* on hard surfaces. Non-corrosive and eco-friendly, it is proven to provide up to 30 days of residual control. It is formulated as a disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer for use in all aspects of indoor, outdoor and greenhouses, including packing and processing facilities, irrigation systems and footbaths.

Use KleenGrow to clean, disinfect and deodorize all public places such as offices, breakrooms, warehouses, and meeting rooms.  Keep workers safe and protected from outbreaks of harmful human pathogens including viruses** by eliminating cross-contamination. 

Our experts have developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) using HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standards. Cleaning schedules should comply with regulations and focus on protecting workers and the general public.

Download Standard Operating Procedures and contact Pace Plant Health Advocate with any procedural questions and for ordering cleaning and disinfecting supplies for your facility. 

*KleenGrow is not registered as an algaecide in California

**Data demonstrates the efficacy of KleenGrow against human coronavirus. Pending approval and registration with the EPA.

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