Built Around Customer Needs

PACE Disease Control, Water Enhancement and Cleaning programs provide step by step procedures that allow growers to take control of the primary areas of concern that impact plant health.

Triple Action: Wetting Agent – Penetration – Spreader Sticker

Irrigate responsibly for well hydrated crops using less water and improved performance of pesticide are only a few of the benefits UpTake PRO brings to our Water Enhancement Program.

  • In Tank Mix
  • In Overhead or Sub-Irrigation
  • In Indoor/Outdoor Systems

Always Clean Before Disinfecting is the motto on our ACBD Cleaning Program

Pace is the only company that can hand you one of three products that have been formulated to meet a particular type of cleaning need.  PACE Strip-It PRO to dissolve minerals, PACE AgH PRO to loosen that sticky job of removing produce juice, sap, melt greasy dirt buildup, and soaking in a PACE MHW solution to get your used growing containers clean as new.

Pace ACBD System®

  1. Clean
  2. Rinse
  3. Disinfect


Early Prevention for Sesason-long Protection

From seed to shipping and water to benches, Pace Disease Control Program provides you an effective, economical program to prevent, cure and disinfect plant and human pathogens. Our multifaceted disease control program will guide you in managing all major areas of cross-contamination to keep crops, water and your growing areas a disease-free zone.

  • On Greenhouse Crops
  • In Irrigation Water
  • On Hard Surfaces