UpTake PRO™

Improve Irrigation Water

Adding Uptake PRO to irrigation systems enables water to work to its maximum potential, reducing waste and improving wetting efficiency. Uptake PRO enhanced water results in lower volumes needed for adequate  watering, greater soil absorption, less run-off, and improved delivery of nutrients and other additives to roots. More efficient watering leads to a healthier, more robust crop.

Soil Repellence

Following a period of severe dry weather, a grower noticed crops displayed uneven patterns of growth and health. Further investigation revealed patches of dry spots resulting from the hydrophobic condition of the soil. This left stunted, unhealthy plants due to the lack of water and nutrients reaching the root system.

Dry Spot Solutions

After consulting a local expert, growers injected Uptake PRO into irrigation water to facilitate the absorption of water by the soil, extend the water’s reach, and more efficiently deliver additives and fertilizers to root systems.

Crop-Wide Improvement

Uptake PRO eliminated the dry spots resulting in the complete recovery of the damaged plants and improved the overall plant health of the entire crop. Next season, UpTake PRO will be implemented at the onset of the growing season as an economical and effective additive to the irrigation system to mitigate localized dry spots.

Use Water More Effectively

UpTake PROTM is a unique DDAC quaternary ammonium formulation and new class of surfactant for the greenhouse, indoor growing, nursery, farm, vineyard, orchard, and turf markets. The triple-action of UpTake PRO as a penetrant, spreader sticker, and wetting agent, enhances the performance of water when applied to soils or the foliage/bloom* of crops.

Applied through spray, sub or overhead irrigation systems, UpTake PRO can be safely used on crops like tomatoes, leafy greens, hemp, berries, flowers, shrubs and trees. When mixed together in a solution, it improves the performance of some companion products such as fertilizers.


Uptake PRO increases the permeability of biological membranes which facilitates penetration, thus increasing the performance of the companion chemistry. Improved penetration results in less water used for effective irrigation.

Spreader Sticker

In solution with compatible chemistries, Uptake PRO helps hold chemicals onto the soil and/or leaf surface even during irrigation watering or rainfall. Being a positively charged chemical, it enables a bonding effect when the solution meets negatively charged chemicals, soil, plants, and pests.

Wetting Agent

Uptake PRO reduces the surface tension of water, enabling even coverage throughout hydrophobic soils and on foliage, thus lowering the amount of water needed to adequately hydrate the crop Amending irrigation water with UpTake eliminates puddling at the crown and channeling in the root zone, thus reducing an excessively wet environment for algae and diseases to flourish.

*Registered in California as a soil wetting agent only. Refer to the California Uptake label for use directions.

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