Strip-It Pro

Powerful Cleaning Solution

Deep cleaning all surfaces and irrigation lines with Strip-It Pro during crop rotation eliminates biofilm, dirt and mineral deposits ensuring a safe, clean, and contamination-free environment. This provides a healthier start to your next crop. For use in greenhouses and all other well-ventilated outdoor areas.

Clogged Irrigation Nozzles

After a long growing season, a greenhouse operator noticed the emitters in the irrigation nozzles were clogged with biofilm and mineral buildup. The lines were not spraying well and, in some areas, plants were showing signs of dehydration. The lines and emitters were reported to be exceedingly difficult to completely get rid of the mineral buildup and biofilm.

Keeping it Simple

Having seen Strip-It Pro at a tradeshow, an on-site demo was requested. The Pace Representative demonstrated on one of the irrigation lines, leaving it to soak overnight. The next morning the lines were flushed with water, clearing the mineral buildup completely. KleenGrow was then injected to complete the Pace ACBD System® for long lasting protection.

No More Clogs

Several weeks after the protocol was implemented, the lines remained unclogged and crops were properly hydrated, resolving the inadequate watering issue. Growers implemented the Strip-It Pro and KleenGrow combination to the facility’s cleaning and disinfecting program to remove dirt and biofilm on all greenhouse surfaces such as floors, benches, walls and cooling pads.  Using the Pace ACBD system® provided a safer and healthier work environment for workers and crops.

The Workhorse Of All Cleaners

Strip-It Pro is a powerful foaming detergent cleaner. The specialty formulation dissolves mineral build-up, algae staining, and biofilm. It also eliminates the environment for over-wintering pests such as fungus gnats, insects and diseases.

The foam action of the Strip-It Pro solution helps dislodge compacted soil and remove algae staining found on vertical or horizontal surfaces in greenhouses and other well-ventilated growing areas. Strip-It Pro attacks organic buildup at a pH of 2.5 therefore, when applying, avoid direct contact with crops.

Strip-It Pro can safely be injected into all types of irrigation systems to eliminate mineral buildup and biofilm. It dissolves substances into a foam which easily flushes out of the lines without clogging emitters.

It is easy to apply by soaking the area using a hydraulic sprayer or foamer, followed with a high-pressure rinse. With no crop damaging fumes, Strip-It Pro can be applied directly under benches and on walkways throughout the growing season. This keeps growing facilities clean and safe for workers.

Strip-It Pro is Safe For Use On:

Strip-It Pro is step 1 of the 3-step Pace ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting). Following the cleaning, rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer then disinfect with KleenGrow. This ensures long-lasting microbial and disease protection on hard surfaces and in irrigation lines.

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