Master MHW

Successfully Reuse Plug Trays and Crates

Cleaning and disinfecting plug trays, pots and crates using an automatic washer requires a low foaming detergent cleaner.  Master MHW is the only low foaming detergent labeled for agricultural use in automatic washers to help soften and remove challenging biofilm that can harbor plant diseases.

Pitfalls of Reusing Plug Trays

Thielaviopsis was diagnosed as the reason for crop stunting and subsequent death of young plants. The only part of the planting process that changed was the grower decided to reuse the propagation trays and pots instead of using new ones. A quick pressure wash to rid the used pots of debris was all that had been done prior to the new propagation.

Master MHW Before Disinfecting

A biofilm ring was noticed in the pots, therefore the grower decided to contact a Pace representative for their solution to resolve this issue. The Pace representative recommended implementing the complete Pace ACBD System® by using a pre-soak in Master MHW, followed by an automatic washer rinse, and finish by spraying with KleenGrow to disinfect.

Goodbye Contaminated Trays

After having a huge loss in propagated material grown from the contaminated used trays, the grower added Master MHW to the washing procedure. The detergent washing step was something the grower had never done before. Reusing cleaned and disinfected trays has eliminated the biofilm issues, which perpetuates a habitat for dormant plant pathogens, such as Thielaviopsis.

Low Foaming Detergent for Automatic Washing Systems

Master MHW is a low foaming alkaline detergent designed to thoroughly clean plastic or Styrofoam planting trays. It is formulated to emulsify dirt, oils, and organic materials such as biofilm, without producing excessive foam from the high agitation environment in automatic washers.

Washing plug trays, pots, and crates using automatic washers is a challenge since the removal of the biofilm buildup is imperative. Hard to control plant pathogens, such as Thielaviopsis, can remain dormant in biofilm even after a steam or hot water rinse. Master MHW allows for safe reuse of growing and transportation containers.

Using the Pace ACBD System®(Always Clean Before Disinfecting), soiled trays are submerged in a solution of Master MHW and then placed into the automatic washer to be rinsed with water. Follow with our no-rinse disinfectant KleenGrow as a dip or spray to complete the process.

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