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KleenGrow is a multi-use EPA registered product that provides safe and effective broad-spectrum disease and algae control on plants, water and hard surfaces. It ensures a disease-free growing environment which promotes optimum plant health.  KleenGrow offers powerful, long lasting microbial control. A clean environment, plus protected crops equals healthy plants.

Crops, Water, & Surfaces

KleenGrow is a multi-use product which controls foliar, soil and waterborne diseases and algae and can be used as a no-rinse hard-surface disinfectant. Use of KleenGrow helps establish an optimally cleaned and disinfected environment for growing healthier crops. Safe for both workers and plants, it offers long-lasting and effective broad-spectrum microbial control that is eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-corrosive, and economical.

The mode of action of KleenGrow is simple yet powerful – membrane disruption by denaturing proteins. This unique mode of action gives it the ability to work through biofilms for long-lasting microbial control. The positively charged chemistry attacks negatively charged pests found in on hard surfaces or in water, soils, plant foliage, and roots. Contrary to other chemicals, the performance is not impaired by pH changes or exposure to light or temperatures used to maintain plant growth.

Disease & Algae Control

KleenGrow is an EPA registered bactericide, fungicide, algaecide* for use on greenhouse flowers and ornamental crops. KleenGrow can safely be used in all phases of growing, from propagation to finish, for curative and preventative disease control in most IPM programs, including beneficial insect and mite programs.  

KleenGrow should be used at first watering to protect young propagated material. It can be applied using a sprayer, sub or overhead irrigation system, or as a stand-alone product or a tank mix with other compatible pesticides or nutritional additives. Pace Technical Sales Representatives provide detailed procedures to achieve optimum performance on any crop.

KleenGrow can safely be used to control diseases such as:

Clean Water – Healthy Plants

Irrigation water is a primary source for diseases such as algae, Pythium and Phytophthora. Algae clogged emitters restrict water flow and result in dry areas with stunted crops. Continuous injection of KleenGrow into irrigation systems will reduce in-line restriction, emitter clogging and cross-contamination from splashing water and soils.

Start Clean – Stay Clean

KleenGrow is an EPA registered hard surface no-rinse disinfectant for control of bacteria, fungus, algae and viruses upon contact. It is imperative to maintain clean irrigation systems and surfaces throughout the growing season to continuously prevent cross-contamination from infecting crops.   

Fully implementing our cornerstone 3-Step Pace ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting) positions customers to achieve the gold standard of cleaning & disinfecting, before, during, and after the growing season. Partner KleenGrow with Pace cleaners, Strip-It Pro or Horti-Klor for a complete program.

KleenGrow Provides Safe & Effective Disinfection on:

*KleenGrow is not registered as an algaecide in California

Refer to the product label for rates and use applications & up-to-date disease control information.

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