Clear Away Biological Grime

Horti-Klor is an eco-friendly detergent that uses alkaline ingredients specifically formulated to remove biological spills and debris. It is an economical and safe cleaning solution for the entire operation replacing expensive all-purpose cleaners.

Focused Cleaning

An indoor growing and packing operation used a retail cleaner commonly sold to clean homes or offices. They found it took a lot of product and labor to use and still did not completely remove the debris buildup. Already a KleenGrow and Strip-It Pro customer, packing house managers sought a new Pace cleaner for hard-to-remove biological sap and debris.

Following Procedures

During onsite testing, Horti-Klor was applied to all surfaces and equipment in the packing house. Workers observed how easily the biofilm and debris separated from the fouled surface and was rinsed with no extra time or labor for scrubbing. KleenGrow was applied to provide long-term human and plant pathogen control, including viruses.

Lasting Results

Facility maintenance staff discovered Horti-Klor was more effective than all-purpose retail cleaners, so they began to use it to clean the offices, washrooms, and breakrooms. The crew reported that Pace cleaning & disinfecting products are the most economical, easy-to-use, and most effective products they have ever used.

Multi-Use Cleaner

Horti-Klor is formulated for superior cleaning throughout the indoor and outdoor growing, food and floral processing and packing industries. It is a high-foaming detergent that can dislodge stubborn materials such as biofilm buildup, sticky produce residues, and dirt for easy removal with a high-pressure rinse.

Biofilm contributes to bacterial and fungal growth which may result in premature rotting of produce, early bloom-drop of cut flowers and off-odors. To avoid cross-contamination throughout growing operations remove buildup found on floors, walls, benches, and irrigation lines to decrease areas pathogens use as food sources. Horti-Klor is designed to be applied directly to surfaces as a spray, foam, or with a mop/scrubber.

Horti-Klor is the first step in the 3-step Pace ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting). Simply apply Horti-Klor to the surface, rinse with high-pressure spray, then finish by applying our no-rinse disinfectant KleenGrow.

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