Clear Away Biological Grime

Horti-Klor is an eco-friendly detergent that uses alkaline ingredients specifically formulated to remove biological spills and debris. It is an economical and safe cleaning solution for the entire operation replacing expensive all-purpose cleaners.

Multi-Use Cleaner

Horti-Klor is formulated for superior cleaning throughout the indoor and outdoor growing, food and floral processing and packing industries. It is a high-foaming detergent that can dislodge stubborn materials such as biofilm buildup, sticky produce residues, and dirt for easy removal with a high-pressure rinse.

Biofilm contributes to bacterial and fungal growth which may result in premature rotting of produce, early bloom-drop of cut flowers and off-odors. To avoid cross-contamination throughout growing operations remove buildup found on floors, walls, benches, and irrigation lines to decrease areas pathogens use as food sources. Horti-Klor is designed to be applied directly to surfaces as a spray, foam, or with a mop/scrubber.

Horti-Klor is the first step in the 3-step Pace ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting). Simply apply Horti-Klor to the surface, rinse with high-pressure spray, then finish by applying our no-rinse disinfectant KleenGrow.

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