Clean Operations

Equipment of all sizes, from small hand tools to large tractors, must be properly cleaned to maximize operational life. Gritty dust and soil cling to oil and grease, making it very tough to get clean and can cause corrosion. Heavy-duty equipment maintenance requires a powerful cleaner to get the job done.

Powerful Foaming Degreaser

Clean-Up is a high foaming alkaline detergent cleaner designed to remove greasy, gritty residues found on agricultural environments. The foaming action helps to dislodge and break up hard-to-remove, heat-set grease and oil, compacted soils and biological debris for easy removal with a pressure rinse.

Machinery in dusty and dirty environments experience abrasive materials clinging to oil and grease, accelerating corrosion, leading to equipment issues and downtime. Use Clean-Up to clean all on all agricultural surfaces indoors and outdoors. Clean-Up has no residual effect on the surface being cleaned.

Clean-Up Can Be Used On:

Clean-Up can be applied as a spray or foam using a backpack sprayer, hydraulic sprayer or a foamer.  After applying Clean-Up, the surface must be thoroughly rinsed using a pressure washer or sprayer to remove the debris and detergent. Apply KleenGrow to disinfect the clean surface to help control algae and microbial growth.

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