Disease Control with PACE KleenGrow.

Gunter Lennon, owner, Lennon Farms (Tabernacle, New Jersey), first learned of KleenGrow‘s disease control abilities during a desperate, last-ditch effort to control an outbreak of Xanthomonas on a crop of ornamental peppers several years ago.

KleenGrow cured the Xanthomonas and saved the crop,” Lennon recalls. “And seeing the great control on bacterial issues, we have since then sprayed our poinsettias and many other crops with wonderful control and results when any bacterial issues arise.”

To further examine KleenGrow‘s disease control effectiveness, the crew at Lennon Farms decided to trial dip Unrooted Cuttings (URCs) prior to sticking.

“We were so impressed with the prevention of fungal and bacterial issues that we are now dipping ALL incoming plug trays as well,” Lennon Farms head grower Artur Zych says. “The results we are seeing are much lower levels of mildews, botrytis, pythium and any bacterial issues.”

Another interesting detail that Lennon Farms uncovered is that KleenGrow and UpTake PRO tank mixed can actually enhance the efficacy of many different chemistries that greenhouse growers are already working with anyways.

“We are pleased with the enhancement KleenGrow and UpTake PRO provide when we tank mix them with Subdue Maxx drench on our mums,” Lennon explains. “The addition of KleenGrow and UpTake PRO makes the Subdue Maxx work much better!”

Adds Zych: “We are very happy with the disease control results that we have seen with KleenGrow, and all at a cost and use rate that is much lower than many other chemistries.” The management team at Lennon Farms advisees growers to consult with their local Pace 49 Inc. sales rep for further insights and recommendations. “Our rep has been a gem of knowledge to us, and we are grateful,” Lennon concludes.

Greenhouse Growers
February 2002