PACE KleenGrow™

Trusted Efficacy, Lasting Protection

KleenGrow is a multi-use EPA registered product that provides safe and effective broad-spectrum control of water borne pathogens and algae in irrigation water, plant pathogens on greenhouse plants, and diseases, viruses and algae on hard surfaces. KleenGrow offers powerful, residual disease control for up to 14 days on crops and 30 days on hard surfaces.  A clean environment, plus protected crops equals healthy plants.

Disease and Algae Control in Irrigation Water

KleenGrow offers a safe and economical solution to control algae and water borne plant pathogens in irrigation systems, thus eliminating cross-contamination to plants and surfaces.

  • Use in water holding tanks as well as irrigation lines.
  • 0 hour REI when continuously or intermittently injected into irrigation system to control water borne plant pathogens and algae.

Disease Control on Crops

KleenGrow is a highly effective EPA Registered Fungicide/ Bactericide for control of plant pathogens. 

  • Use as a dip solution for cuttings and bulbs prior to planting.
  • Safely use on foliage, crown, and roots from propagation to finished crops.
  • Use a tank mix with compatible pesticides for broad spectrum control.


Disease and Algae Control on Hard Surfaces

Start clean and stay clean to reduce cross-contamination of plant and human pathogens on surfaces before, during and after the growing season.

  • No-rinse disinfectant for use in ornamental, hydroponic/field produce, CEA and outdoor growing/packing/shipping areas, tools and equipment.
  • 0 hour REI, EPA registered, biodegradable, and up to 30 days residual.

See what KleenGrow can do for you.

Greenhouse Foliage Crops or Succulents

Use KleenGrow as a stand alone or tank mix spray/drench for broad spectrum Disease Control.

Irrigation Systems

Use at low rates as a continuous or intermittent irrigation line injection to control Water-Borne Pathogens.

Pot and Tray Disinfecting

Clean and disinfect resued planting containers to eliminate cross-contamination to newly planted crops.

Disease Control on Young Plants

Apply low rates of KleenGrow at first watering by either injecting into irrigation water or using a manual spray.

Storage Coolers

Disinfect produce and flowers in storage coolers to improve shelf-life after shipping.

How to achieve best results with KleenGrow

On Greenhouse Crops

Use in overhead (mist, drip or spray) or sub-irrigation systems.

In Irrigation Water

Use in chemigation for drip or sub-irrigation.

On Hard Surfaces

No-rinse disinfectant to be applied to pre-cleaned sufaces.

PACE KleenGrow™

Disease Control on Crops, in Water, on Surfaces

Available Sizes:

  • 2.5 Gallons
  • 30 Gallons
  • 55 Gallons
  • 275 Gallons