FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

UpTake PRO®

What is the REI when I use UpTake PRO?

REI are only an agriculture requirement for an EPA registered product.  UpTake PRO is a pesticide adjuvants and adjuvants are not EPA regulated so there is no REI.

Can I mix UpTake PRO with PACE KleenGrow?

No. The PACE KleenGrow label doesn’t require the addition of a pesticide adjuvant so phytotoxicity is likely to occur if mixing.

When should I use UpTake PRO on tank mixes?

Use with compatible pesticides for an economical addition to your tank mix for improve penetration, wetting and longer contact time.  UpTake PRO is a 3-in-one product-surfactant/spreader-sticker/wetting agent. Always follow the label instructions on partner products in tank mixes.

PACE KleenGrow™

How does KleenGrow kill microbes?

KleenGrow disrupts cellular membranes which provides broad spectrum fungal, bacterial and virus control for up to 30 days on hard surfaces. Prevent and cure all life stage (spore and immatures) of bacteria and fungi on crops and in irrigation water.

Will KleenGrow control bacteria?

Yes, bacteria spores are easily control on crops, and on soil and hard surfaces.

Why should I use KleenGrow instead of Bleach?

KleenGrow has residual up to 30 days on a hard surface, therefore it continues with residual control of microbes and algae. Bleach dissipates quickly without residual microbial control. It also takes up 8oz/gal of bleach for effective hard surface control, but only 1 oz/gal of KleenGrow.

What is the REI (Re-Entry Interval) of KleenGrow?

We have created a chart to explain KleenGrow rates and REI below:

48 HR 0.06 to 0.38 Spray or drench application over crops for disease control; if NOT chemigated.
12 HR 0.03 to 0.20 Intermittent chemigation for disease control on crops weekly or biweekly depending on crop and maturity.
0 HR 0.003 to 0.014 Continuous chemigation- for water borne pathogen control
0 HR 0.5 to 2.0 Hard Surface Cleaning & Disinfection
Can KleenGrow be used for continuous injection into water source AND as a weekly or biweekly over-the-top crop treatment?

Yes, there are specific rates for each use:

  • 2-5ppm injected continuously controls algae and diseases in the recirculated irrigation water and water storage tanks.
  • 40-175ppm weekly or biweekly, as a spray, dip or drench depending on crop/maturity and when being used on greenhouse crops it controls diseases and algae on crops. Can be tank mixed with many chemistries and enhance their efficacy as well.
Can KleenGrow be used to disinfect greenhouses growing vegetables?

Yes, KleenGrow can be used to disinfect indoor and greenhouse growing areas for all crops including flowers, vegetable, herbs, and hemp. Avoid contact on food crops. For areas that may come in contact with food crops, use at 200ppm with no rinse.

PACE Strip-It PRO®

How do I use Strip-It PRO to clean my lines?

Inject Strip-It PRO into your water lines and leave overnight.

How do I know Strip-It PRO is complete flushed out?

Using a volumetric injector set at 1:50, inject Strip-It PRO into your water lines and leave overnight. Flush completely to remove debris and soap.

Will Strip-It PRO hurt my crops?

Strip-It PRO will damage plants if directly contacted. Strip-It PRO may be applied under benches or on walkway during the crop growing cycle but for end of seaaon cleaning it is best to remove crops from the area to be cleaned.

Is Strip-It PRO corrosive?

Yes, it is corrosive when left on metal in your greenhouse. Therefore, we recommend you to thoroughly rinse to remove debris and cleaner.

What is the shelve life of Strip-It PRO?

The shelve life is indefinite when you keep the lid on the container.

Where can I use Strip-It PRO?
  • Strip-It PRO can be used in a greenhouse and outdoors.
  • Great to clean irrigation lines and emitters.
  • Other cleaners can dislodge debris, which results in clogged emitters.  Strip-It PRO DISSOLVES minerals which is reduced to a foam that can easily flush through the emitters.


Where should I use your PACE AgH PRO?

Great for cleaning all indoor areas such as growing areas, packing houses and breakrooms. In addition, it is a great degreaser for cleaning large equipment such as tractors, trailers and trucks.

Why did you remove HORTI-KLOR and CLEAN-UP from your Product Line?
  • PACE AgH PRO is non-corrosive. None of the shipping/warehousing restriction found with corrosive products like HORTI-KLOR and CLEAN-UP
    applies for PACE AgH PRO.
  • PACE AgH PRO was formulated to combine all the cleaning features of HORTI-KLOR and CLEAN-UP in one products.
  • It saves growers money since you can buy one cleaner that does the work of 2.