Reusing plug trays and containers is a viable option to the short supply, but reused pots need to be properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent cross contamination. While this is an easy and economical solution, care must be taken to ensure the proper procedure.

Cleaned and disinfected containers can be stacked wet and/or shrink wrapped and stored and the residual will still be active for up to 30 days.

Many of these pathogens (as well as weed seeds and some insects, e.g. mealy bugs) remain viable even under outdoor winter conditions and using the Pace Cleaning and Disinfecting procedure and products removes the environment for these over-wintering pests in addition to pathogen control.

Pace can provide easy and effective directions and products that can be using in just about every type of cleaning program that you may already have in place. Automatic washers, dip tanks, foaming devices or soaking sprays can be used to apply products, rinse away debris and provide microbial control to pre-cleaned surfaces.

Step 1. Clean – Soak for 30 minutes

  1. Sharply slap trays or containers to remove excess media.
  2. Make a 5 fl.oz per gallon of water solution using PACE STRIP-IT PRO or PACE AgH PRO.
  3. Use a dip-tank, foam or spray device and completely submerge/cover container with cleaning solution. Low agitation may help to remove loosened debris. Containers must stay submerged or wet for 30 minutes or longer. Longer is better to soften and remove debris.

Step 2. Rinse – for 10 minutes or as long as needed

Thoroughly rinse containers with clean water to remove the detergent and debris. If using dip tank, refill with clean water when rinse water becomes sudsy or dirty.

Step 3. Disinfect – Soak for 10 minutes

  1. Make a 1.0 fl.oz per gallon of water (600ppm) solution of PACE KLEENGROW.
  2. Use a dip-tank, foam or spray device, completely submerge/cover container with PACE KLEENGROW solution. Pre-cleaned container must remain wet for 10 minutes or more.
    Using LaMotte HR QAC test strip, check ppm level of dip tank and add a fresh solution of PACE KLEENGROW when the ppm level drops below 600ppm for disinfection or below 300ppm for microbial control, or change solution daily.
  3. Allow container to air-dry. DO NOT RINSE. Containers may be stacked and/or shrink wrapped wet. PACE KLEENGROW will continue to provide a residual control for up to 30 days.

There is no REI for PACE KLEENGROW when used for surface disinfecting or microbial control of plant and human pathogens.

This same cleaning and microbial control procedure can be used to clean carts, crates, large and small equipment, and cool cell pads. See your Pace 49 representative for all Plant Health Advocate SOP’s. Check with your local distributor for information on ordering products and test strips.

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