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We’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers by offering programs designed around their unique needs supported by carefully researched, formulated and field-tested products.

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OUR MISSION is to provide Plant Health programs, unique products, and technical expertise to enable growers with the tools and support needed to grow a high quality crop, from seed to shipping.

Pace 49 is the US partner of Pace Solutions Corporation, and is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Canada. Pace Solutions is western Canada’s largest water treatment company. Pace is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1983 by entrepreneur, William (Bill) Martin. His wisdom and leadership in business development and pursuit to provide quality products laid the groundwork of applying the boiler and cooling tower cleaning and disinfecting concept to nearby hydroponic tomato greenhouses. Several years into the Canadian greenhouse market led to expanding across the border into the United States where Pace 49 was born. Our products are specially manufactured in the US, for the greenhouse, nursery, and specialty agriculture markets.  

Our Plant Health team has developed ongoing relationships with distributors, consultants and researchers (from both the university and private sector). Our vast knowledge base of how to grow healthy, quality plants allows us to provide our growers with programs and products that have been thoroughly vetted and proven effective. The partnership with distributors has expanded our customer base throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Central America. Our website contains easily accessible product information sheets, detailed standard operating procedures, labels & safety data sheets, and direct links to our technical managers and distributor partners in your area.

Our main priority is synonymous with every grower in the industry—healthy plants. Over time and with much research under our belts, our product line has evolved to support every aspect of growing operations and offers many unique solutions to improve crops production. The foundation of our product line is built upon research. Our field and greenhouse research supports all labeled claims to ensure optimal result, crop safety and ideal environmental conditions.

The Plant Health Programs are the primary focus of our business and what our mission is based around. Pace Plant Health Advocates are invested in aiding cultivation by targeting our focus on Water, Surfaces, Plants, and Energy.

We assist growers in the crucial implementation of best practices for cleaning & disinfecting. Starting with a clean environment and equipment ensures microbial reduction to protect young crops. Our gold standard Pace ACBD System®, is a proven protocol of simply Always Cleaning Before Disinfecting, to achieve optimal disinfecting results. Utilizing our Water Enhancement Program not only to improves plant hydration, but is key to facilitating decreased water usage which saves on labor and helps the environment. The Crop Disease and Algae Control Program provides crop protection by helping to prevent water, soil-borne and foliar diseases resulting in a higher quality crop. The Energy Efficiency Program is another great way to help the environment and improve plant health by achieving consistent greenhouse temperatures more efficiently, thus decreasing energy costs. Our programs are ultimately designed to work in concert with each other, to effectively and efficiently improve overall plant health. Pace stands by our recommendations because not only do we want to assist with this year’s crop, but we want these effective programs to be implemented for years to come.

History of Pace 49 Plant Health Division



It Began With the Dream of a Cleaner Future

Pace’s history began when William (Bill) Martin, a Vancouver entrepreneur, opened a chemical manufacturing operation in Burnaby, B.C., to meet the needs of the Metro Vancouver area for industrial water treatment and cleaning products.

Almost 40 years later, Bill is still active as the Chairman of Pace’s Board.


Pace Starts Horticulture Division

Using 15 years experience in the water treatment and industrial cleaning industry, Pace initiates the Horticulture division introducing the Pace ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting) to provide affordable solutions for cleaning & disinfecting.


Pace 49 (USA) is Founded

Pace 49 expands the Horticulture division to the US and Mexico, first targeting the hydroponic tomato growers in Texas and California.  Pace began providing growers field-tested adjuvants, cleaners and disinfectants.


Research Confirms Pace ACBD System®

Dr. Ann Chase, Chase, founder of Chase Agricultural Consulting provided the first US based research showing the Pace ACBD System® to be a superior protocol for sanitation in growing operations. The research and protocol remain a key piece of the Pace Cleaning & Disinfecting program today.


Adding to the Team

Judy McWhorter joined Pace 49 as the 1st US sales representative for south central US from Arizona to Florida. Wes Martin, represented the western US.


New EPA Approval for KleenGrow

The KleenGrow label underwent several EPA revisions and was approved as dual use product. KleenGrow is labeled for hard surface disinfecting and disease control on greenhouse ornamental crops.

Judy McWhorter is named National Sales Manager.


New President

Wes Martin succeeds his father as the new President/CEO. Pace now becomes a second-generation family operated company.



Expanding the Business

The Pace 49 sales team has now grown to 4 full time territory managers and large distribution network, partnering with over 20 major companies in the US, Puerto Rico and Mexico/Central America.



Newest EPA Approval for KleenGrow

KleenGrow label received new approval by the EPA of 0-hr REI when used during chemigation, adding water treatment to the label. Flammability was removed from all DDAC products, improving transportation and warehousing of these products.


Company Rebrands

Pace 49 rebrands company as Pace Plant Health Advocates and releases a new website and logo. The new brand reflects our company mission which aligns with growers by focusing on achieving optimal plant health and sustainable growing for years to come.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have just begun to work with the KleenGrow. We feel that there are multiple uses for it in our propagation area as well as a greenhouse fungicide, plus it helps control algae. We are excited by the results we have seen this far. The Pace Plant Health team have been great to work with and helped us get started with this product.”

Emerald Coast Growers
Pensacola, Florida

“The combination of Strip-It Pro and KleenGrow created a clean, disease free environment in my greenhouses. The 3-step program is applied easily and is long lasting which helps to cut back on time, costs, and, most importantly, labor. As a grower I will continue to clean and disinfect using these products knowing that the production results will be endless.”


Propagation Manager

Creekside Nursery
Hempstead, Texas



Management Team

Wes Martin

President & CEO

As President & CEO, Wes leads the company with his visionary strategies, direction and leadership.

Wes is a 2nd generation family member of Pace Solutions.

Judy McWhorter

Vice President & National Sales Manager – Pace 49 Inc. Plant Health Advocates

As Vice President and National Sales Manager of Pace 49 Inc., Judy oversees and manages the sales operations of our Horticulture Plant Health team throughout the United States.

Judy and her team have extensive experience and knowledge in programs and product solutions that provide our growers the best environmental conditions to produce the healthiest crops.

Pace Careers

We work in water and energy conservation, but people are really the core of our business. We are always on the lookout for highly qualified, talented, and passionate individuals to join our team. Please send your resume along with a cover letter to

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