Pace Plant Health programs and product solutions aim to provide our growers the best environmental conditions to produce the healthiest crops.

Solutions From Seed to Shipping

The Pace Plant Health Advocates team stands by growers, providing to them products and customized plant health programs that fit into most every Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. From seed to shipping, the goal is always to achieve superior crop health. Our commitment is to provide technical expertise and a portfolio of reliable products that are environmentally friendly, easy-to-use, and supported by research.

We advocate for complete plant health by supporting our growers through training, education, and integration of the proper products into IPM programs. This helps control the spread of both plant-based and human-borne fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases throughout an operation. We provide product research and disease alert updates in collaboration with extension specialists, independent researchers, government agencies and educational institutions throughout North America.

Plant Health Programs

Our products fall into at least one of our four primary programs. Look for these symbols on this website and our products to help you find the solution that fits.

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